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Effects of Not Wearing Sunglasses

Long-term exposure to sun rays may increases the probability of the incidence of cataracts or macular degeneration for elderly, also sunglasses works on improving vision during daylight or prevent glare.

What are the best colors for sunglasses lenses?

Sunglasses color do not determine the amount of UV lights that they protect you from, so the bright or dark colors is matter of your preference.

How to pick sunglasses?

The best sunglasses choice do not depend only on the trademarks, but on the suitability and the feeling of satisfaction, and how the frames suit your face shape and skin colors, so it is advised to consider the following:

  • Make sure that sunglasses have 100% protection of ultraviolet lights.
  • The bigger lenses the better.
  • Dark lenses is not an indicator of UV protection.
  • The Color of your lenses is based on your preference and has nothing to do with UV protection.

Polarized lenses may protect eyes from glare but not necessarily from UV lights.

Tips for using sunglasses

Always make sure that your sunglass is genuine and protect your eyes 99% to 100% from UV rays.

Wear sunglasses even when you are in shades because you are still exposed to reflected UV lights from walls and grounds and different surfaces.


Tips for making the best of sunglasses

It is important to be assure that your sunglass is genuine in way that it blocks 99% to 100% of UV lights, also you can test your sunglass in the optical store.

Wear sunglasses even in shade because you are still in exposure to reflected UV lights from the walls, grounds, and different surfaces.

Wearing sunglasses in winter can protect your eyes from reflected sun lights especially in case it is snowing.

It is better to wear sunglasses while wearing contact lenses because the lenses do not cover all the eye’s parts.

Driving with sunglass

It is necessary for safe and comfort driving to have a clear vision, therefore wearing sunglasses are important to lower the glare, especially the reflected lights from the street or other surfaces like car hood, front glass and reflected surfaces from other vehicles. Polarized sunglasses provide a better protection form reflected lights of those surfaces, so it is generally considered as a good choice for driving.

Sunglasses for babies

There is no reason that forbid baby under the age of one year to wear sunglass in condition that it provide ANSI Z80.3 safety standard, which means it has UV light and shocks protection, and most high quality sunglasses comes with this standard specification.

When does the polarized sunglasses fall?

There are few cases that polarized sunglasses are not recommended, for instance, you will face some difficulty in seeing screens and electrical control panels in your car, or when using the ATM, mobile phones and smart watches.

The harm of using non-authentic sunglasses

The non-authentic sunglasses lower the amount of reflected lights passing through the lens to the eye, which widen the eye pupil, this makes eye absorbs more harmful UV rays, therefore not wearing non-authentic sunglasses is better than wearing one.

Sunglasses for children

Children spend hours playing outside under the sun in playgrounds or parks during vacations and in the beaches, so sunglasses are essential for protection from sun rays. How to make wearing sunglass a habit for children? Always wear your sunglasses in front of your child, whenever you are outside, even in cloudy weather, it is known that child imamate his parents until a certain age. It better to choose a polycarbonate sunglass because it is more practical and durable, so it will not be an obstacle for playing. Let your child choose what his like of sunglasses because the child would not like to wear a frame he does not like.

Eye diseases that can be avoided by using sunglasses

Long exposure to UV lights can increases the chance the incidence of eye diseases, and mentioned below are the most common cases: Cataracts can develops over time when people are exposed to sun a lot. Eye tumors can occurs such as pterygium that affect the retina and eyeball, which in this case are more common in Skiers, hunters and farmers and others whom spend a long hours in midday sunlight Snow blindness (photokeratitis) can occurs also after a long time exposure to sun rays, which is a kind of infection after getting a reflected UV lights from snow, sand or water. Polarized sunglasses: The polarized lenses have a special chemical material that filter lights, the particles of this material line up to prevent the an amount of light to pass through the lens, so the polarized sunglasses are much like a filter with vertical openings to light in way that light rays that approach your eyes are the suitable with them, then prevent all vertical lights rays that are reflected from all surfaces, thus the image that comes through the polarized lenses appears to be darker than usual, though beings shows up much clearer, also it is easier to see details.